Writing Warriors United

Writing Warriors started as a Meet-Up Group in Oklahoma in 2019. Author Amy Romine wanted to share her experiences as a published writer and engage others in the hope of helping them succeed. 

From that venture Writing Warriors United was born. She received such a great response from the local Oklahoma writing community she decided to expand Warriors reach to all writers around the globe. Helping to nurture, encourage, and promote anyone with the dream of writing. Whether professionally or as a hobby. 

Amy Romine is a mother, corporate professional, and published author of twelve romantic suspense novels. Breaking into the writing world at a time of change. Amy learned how to navigate the writing, publishing, and sales of her books from the ground up. 

Amy is an active member of the Tulsa Community, She volunteers at the Dennis R Neil Tulsa Center for Equality weekly, leads two local Writing Warriors Meet-Up groups, is also a member and contributor to the WASSUP Authors Guild, The Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc and various Facebook and Twitter Groups.

Please feel free to reach out to Amy at these Social Media Connections or at writingwarriorsunited@gmail.com


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