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We are writers, wordsmiths, creators of characters, and fantastic worlds. We are not salespeople.

Truth = The only person who is going to sell your book is you.

There are no short-cuts or easy outs. Writing, publishing, and selling your book can be overwhelming. I get it, and I am here to help navigate the waters with you.

Hi, I am Amy Romine, Romantic Suspense Author of twelve published books with three more scheduled to be released by the end of 2019. Creative and Marketing Author Coach, Speaker.

I’ve been writing my entire life. First, with plays for the neighborhood kids, then I cut my teeth on Fanfiction. I didn’t decide to take it seriously until around 2008 when I was walking through the office at my corporate job just before my 34th birthday.  I had a sweeping feeling come over me, I knew I was meant to be doing more with my life. Kinda like a mid-life crisis but instead of buying a new car, getting a facelift, or joining the peace-corps I decided I wanted to write a novel.

At that time, I struggled with finding a romantic suspense novel to read that had both equal parts of romance and suspense. It was always 70/30 in either direction.  This is where my journey would begin. To write a story with equal parts of suspense and romance. A book I would love to read. I did it for me, plain and simple, totally selfish.

In two years, I had written two full-length novels and was working on a third. I sent out hoards of query letters to Agents and publishers. At that time, the industry was just beginning to change, and eBooks were taking hold. Amazon was not King yet but had blazed a trail. I, however, held out. Wanting to be published by a publishing company. There were several reasons. First, the acceptance and nod I have the talent. Yes, it was all about my ego. Second, I knew nothing about eBooks, publishing, or anything. No matter how much research I did, we were all in the same boat headed toward the brave new world of digital media. No one had the first clue about selling something completely intangible. It was the wild west of publishing. It still is.

Eventually, I was approached by two different publishing houses in August 2010, I had a choice to make. I checked the contracts, called my Dad and a lawyer. I went with my gut. Since then, I have been with the same fantastic house for nine years.

The point of the story is, I have been where you are. I published a book and had no idea what to do next! There are a million things you can do, but what is the recipe for success? The truth? There isn’t one.

As of 2018, there are an estimated forty-five thousand published authors in the US*. This statistic includes traditionally published and self-published authors. That is forty-five thousand people trying to sell their own creation. Forty-five thousand voices screaming look at me!

Is it daunting? Hell yeah, but never hopeless.

Not if you really want it. Warning, you must really want it.

Are you going to be a millionaire and wind up on Ellen? Probably not. Will you be able to sustain a stable income and be ready to quit your job? Not likely. Will you be able to make some money on the side for retirement and be a proud published author? Definitely!

I am still writing, and I have expanded my reach to helping authors. In January 2019, I created a local weekly writing group called Writing Warriors. We talk shop, collaborate, and offer each other support. I love helping authors, published, or aspiring to be, navigate their dreams.

My pledge to you is I will share my knowledge, my experience, my wins, and my failures.  I will use all the tools at my disposal to help support you and your dream. It will be hard work. Honestly, writing is the natural part. The journey from The End is enthralling, exciting, invigorating, and a whole new world for you to conquer.



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