Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Why Your Pinned Tweet is More Important Than Your Twitter Profile

Of course this is only an opinion but let me explain why...

I've been debating the content of this post for a while now. An awesome author from my publishing house asked me “What is a pinned tweet?” and I decided that was it, I really need to write this post.   

As someone who has steadily grown her twitter following from 11k in Dec 2016 to now 97K, I've learned a few things along the way. The first and maybe one of the most important is the Pinned Tweet.

A pinned tweet is a tweet you choose and ‘pin’ to the top of your feed. You can choose any tweet created by you and you can keep it or change it as frequently as needed. So why is this pinned tweet so important?  There are several reasons.

  1. When people look at your profile they also look at your feed. What are you tweeting about? Your pinned tweet can express what your are promoting, what is important to you and who you are.
  2. For me, a Tweep, just like everyone else, I like to say thank you to people who follow, like or ReTweet (RT) my tweets.  What is the best way to say thank you on Twitter? The RT or a Like. The easiest way to accomplish this is to go to their profile page and I look for their pinned tweet to RT and like. I am going to be honest, if there is no pinned tweet I have no idea what to RT or Like in your feed and I don't have the time to search. Usually I just move on...

So now you know how the pinned tweet is used, and how you can use the pinned tweet to say thank you to other Tweeps!

So how do you pin a tweet? Here are the steps – SUPER easy!

First, I would suggest creating your Tweet and posting it so it is near the top of your feed.
Then go to your profile page and find the tweet you want to pin.
Click on the arrow and select “Pin to Your Profile”

Refresh your page and you are done!

I change my pinned tweet every few weeks.
Happy Tweeting!!
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